Hi and thank you so much for passing by.

I am an unsigned pop music songsmith / top liner based in London.

I would like to invite you to listen to some of my demos in the 'style' of international artists who have already had billboard chart hits. You can find these lyric and melody demos on this website or via other platforms.

It would be a pleasure to have music placements with established artists but it would also be immensely rewarding to write pop songs for emerging talent or passionate singers who are obsessed with commercial popular songs and would like to define their own style...

I promise singalong melodies, honest lyrics, song poetry,  and friendliness. If you feel that this resonates with you and you would like to create great new pop music, I would be delighted to be part of your project and help you turn your ideas into music stories.

I am unknown in the music industry but full of inspiration ready to be shared. 


With gratitude, Sara




'lyricS' 'top liner' 'MELODIES' 'SONG WRITING' 

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